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HHVC is the leading supplier of veterinary and pet care service in Hung Hom, Hong Kong. We have a very strong local brand, synonymous with quality and value. HHVC is an ethically led business and as such we have a commitment to contribute and enhance the local communities which we serve.

HHVC is committed to working with people or groups who place a high value on the well being of animals under their care. It is as important to us that you are cared for as well as your pet hence our motto "Together, we Care for what Matters". We will work with you, the pets’ owners or guardians, for the health and welfare of animals to benefit the bond between you and your pets.

At all times we aim to comply with Employment, Fire, Health and Safety and other legislation affecting employment. We comply with laws to ensure radiation safety in our X-ray facilities. In addition every effort is made to ensure HHVC complies with legislation controlling the importation and sale of veterinary medicines.

In future, efforts will be made to improve the environmental footprint of HHVC. This is an area that has been badly neglected by business in Hong Kong in the past.


HHVC has provided work experience support to local students who are considering a career as a veterinary surgeon. In addition Hong Kong veterinary students who are in training overseas have spent time here as part of their required extra-mural studies.

HHVC has a policy to support our staff by investing in training courses and relevant educational and professional memberships for employees at all levels of experience.

HHVC has made donations directly and supported fund raising efforts for the animal welfare charity PAC which aims to provide an animal nursing service to the island of Kho PhaNgan Animal in Thailand.