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Dr Gillian Anderson (Maternity leave)

Qualifications: BVM&S
Joined HHVC: July 2008

I am English but I grew up in Hong Kong with a little rescue dog, a cat, and numerous hamsters. I returned to the UK with my family to carry out my secondary and university education.

My early experience with my own pets became a passion which I wished to pursue and I was privileged to be able to study in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. During my training years I spent much time at charity organizations helping animals in need.

I graduated in 2003 and spent my first 3 years working in and around London. This was a fantastic learning experience, using the latest equipment and gathering expertise from my more senior colleagues. In 2006 I returned to Hong Kong in search of a new challenge.

Since returning to Hong Kong I have particularly enjoyed helping pet owners take the best possible care of their animals, including first time pet owners. The love and compassion of pet owners here never ceases to amaze me. I am delighted that we have access to the latest international veterinary techniques and technology, enabling us to provide the highest quality of care that all pets deserve.

I believe that preventative care is particularly important, to help avoid problems arising in the first place. Owning a pet can be a big responsibility – it is a new addition to the family - and we are here to help in any way that we can.

Outside work I enjoy spending time with my new husband and our adopted cat (who was in a sad state when we took her on, and who has personally benefitted from the veterinary expertise in Hong Kong!).

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