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As time goes by people’s needs change and they may decide to leave our clinic. We always try to give people a big send off and even though they no longer work in HHVC we try to keep in touch. We would like to remember a few of those who have moved on. While we cannot mention everyone, there are a few who should be mentioned.

Danis Pang – Receptionist

Already retired in China, but still we would like to tell you about this lovely person who had helped the clinic to get to where it is now. Danis was one of the most loyal staff you can ever find anywhere.

Danis retired from a high flying career in the banking industry in 2000 and then joined our family. She stayed at HHVC until 2008 when she retired (again!).

Sociable by nature and passionate about animals, Danis had been a great support to all of us and our clients. She played a crucial role in the growth of this clinic and constantly strove to make everyone happy. She was highly valued by the staff as well as the clients. We miss you Danis!

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