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Dr Andrew Pilling

Qualifications: BVSC, MRCVS
Joined HHVC: 1999

For the first 18 years of my life I lived on farms in England. My father was the farm manager and my mother worked as a physiotherapist in the local hospital. A career as a veterinary surgeon was an obvious choice!

I was delighted to be offered a place at Bristol University, where I spent 5 years in training. I then worked in mixed practices treating all types of animals (including a camel from a passing circus!) for 3 years before deciding to concentrate on treating companion animals. I moved to North London and learnt a lot in a busy clinic and then helped to establish a new clinic in Hatfield. Then I wanted to travel and explore the world….

I moved to Hong Kong in late 1995 for a 6 month contract to work in the New Territories. I really enjoyed this and later moved to work on Hong Kong Island. In 1999 I learnt that Hung Hom Vet Clinic was for sale. This was my chance to own and create a veterinary clinic that I could be proud of. I took a one year distance education course studying medicine with Sydney University and set out to implement what I had learned.   My aim was, and still is, to create and grow the clinic so that it can support a wide range of veterinary skills and knowledge for the benefit of the patients, their owners and all the staff who work here!

I am responsible for the overall running and future of the clinic.  This involves planning new investments and ensuring we will have the right people for the job. As a vet I take a particular interest in dental treatments and in skin cases as well as keeping up to date in other aspects of veterinary medicine.   I enjoy travelling to overseas veterinary meetings to learn new ideas to bring back to HHVC. 

In my free time I look after my two crazy cats and a large freshwater fish tank at home. I try to keep fit by running and exercising. I was very proud to complete the Hong Kong Marathon in 2006 and finish my first half triathlon in late 2008. I also like to travel as much as possible and am interested in photography.

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