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Our vets come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Read about why they are in Hong Kong now and learn more about the people who work to keep your pets healthy

veterinary assistants

Your pets deserve the best care....That is why we have AIRC trained Veterinary Assistants to assist in the care of your pets. VAs are your pets "nurses". Whether they are helping your vets to draw blood from your pet, place an IV catheter or assisting in surgery, our VAs offer your pet exceptional care. They are up to date on major developments in veterinary medicine through continuing education opportunities such as seminars, and workshops as well as regular staff meetings. It is not possible for our vets to work without the continual support from the VAs. They play a vital role in translation and communication between our vets and the pet owners. Whatever language you speak they are there to help you understand the pets treatments.

Our VAs are owners of pets of various types and breeds in different life stages. They care for their pets just as much as you love yours. Caring for pets is easier and simpler when you know your own pets are in the hands of our VAs who understand your needs and worries.

support staff

We need people with different skills in the clinic. Just as the vets rely on our VAs to assist them, so the VAs need support from other people. Reception is the most important job in the clinic, this is the first person you will speak to if you make a phone call or visit to the clinic. The receptionists will help you to get what you need for your pet whether it is to purchase some food, make a booking for an appointment or to see the vets. We also need people to keep the clinic organized and in supply. An accountant is needed to make sure the books add up and all staff and suppliers are paid correctly, this is not a simple job

Our Ex colleagues

As time goes by people’s needs change and they may decide to leave our clinic. We always try to give people a big send off and even though they no longer work in HHVC we try to keep in touch. We would like to remember a few of those who have moved on. While we cannot mention everyone, there are a few who should be mentioned.