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Veterinary Assistants

Our veterinary nurses are studying veterinary nursing at various levels through a distance education programme organized by Animal Industries Resource Centre(AIRC), the Animal Industries Resource Centre in Australia and supported locally in Hong Kong. The training is provided to different levels or standards.

Certificate I in Animal Studies. An initial course designed to lay a foundation for animal care work. This covers preparing for animal care work and maintaining the animal care work place.

Certificate II in Animal Studies. The basic skills needed to prepare for a career in veterinary nursing. Subjects include Animal feeding, reception, pharmacology, customer service and workplace organization.

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Structured training in nursing. Topics covered include radiology, pathology, surgical nursing, anaesthesia, medical nursing and patient care. There are also several elective courses. This course provides training in practical and technical skills relevant to the care and nursing of animals, along with the knowledge required to apply those skills in a variety of workplace situations.

In addition there are also specialised Diplomas in dental, surgical and emergency care nursing.

Veterinary Surgeons

Our vets have all undergone extensive 5 year initial training courses which qualify them to work in the UK and EU countries. They are all registered to work as veterinarians with the Hong Kong Veterinary Surgeons Board (VSB). In addition each vet maintains an active post graduate continuing professional development programme. There is a voluntary plan for each vet registered with the VSB to undergo a minimum of 35 hours study a year over a 3 year period. Our vets will each complete more than is required.

Recent training courses and meetings

Our vets have attended many training course in Hong Kong and overseas. The Hong Kong Veterinary Association (HKVA) arranges many visits and talks by overseas experts in different fields.

May 2009 Cardiac Ultrasound 1 day practical training in ultrasound
Evening Lectures, HKVA , HK Management of Renal disease
Cardiac ultrasound
Pulmonary Hypertension

March 2008 Clinical Cytology Half day practical course HKVA HK
August 2008 World Small Animal Veterinary Conference Dublin, Ireland 4 day conference on veterinary care
November 2008 World Veterinary Dermatology Conference, Hong Kong 3 day dermatology (skin disease) conference
Evening Lectures, HKVA , HK Gastroenterology
Emergency and critical care
Urogenital surgery
Oncology case studies (cancer)
Soft tissue surgery
Ophthalmology (eyes)

Sept 2007, Central Veterinary Conference, Kansas City, USA. 3 day general veterinary meeting and 2 days of hospital design
Aug 2007, World Small Animal Veterinary Conference Sydney, Australia 4 day conference on veterinary care
Evening Lectures, HKVA , HK Atopic dermatitis and Pyoderma
Endocrinology and Babesia
Liver disease and anaemia
Ear diseases and surgery
Renal disease (kidneys)
Feline urinary tract disease
Vomiting dog
Endocrinoloogy (hormones)
Abdominal soft tissue surgery
Haemolytic anaemia

Dr Hugh Stanley was awarded Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Surgeons
Aug 2006, RxWorks Users Conference 2 day course, how to use computer system of clinic
July 2006, Diagnostic Imaging Refresher, UK 5 day course on x-ray and ultrasound
Feline Advisory Bureau, UK Feline ophthalmology, 1 day
Feline Advisory Bureau, UK Feline neurology, 1 day
CPD Solutions, UK Seizures, 1 day
Evening Lectures, HKVA HK Oncology (cancer)
Veterinary dentistry