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A plan for the first year of your puppy's life

We know from experience that there are many other things you may want to know about caring for your new puppy. We are here to help you and are only too pleased to answer your questions. We care for what matters, your puppy’s well being. Call us!

Day 1 Pre purchase health check
Eight Weeks First vaccine
Twelve weeks Second vaccine
Kennel Cough vaccine
Start Flea and tick Spot-On
Sixteen Weeks Third vaccine
Twenty Weeks Rabies vaccine and microchip (if no chip)
Start Oral or Spot on Heartworm prevention
Check Adult teeth are growing well
Twenty-four weeks Heartworm injection
Schedule desexing operation
Nine months Deworm
Fifteen Months First booster vaccines
Repeat Heartworm injection
Every puppy is different and we will tailor the program to your puppy’s needs
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