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It is possible to vaccinate a pet in less than a minute….just mix and inject the vaccine, sign the card and take your money! At HHVC we don’t think this is good enough for you or your pets. It would be a wasted chance to help you “care for what matters”, your pet’s health. After all, this may be the only contact between us for the whole year if your pet is young and healthy.

We want to make the most of this important time and so we work hard to add value to your visit for a booster vaccination. Here are a few things we do to help achieve this...


  • Full 15 minute appointments. Time for you to tell us about any problems and for us to check you have not missed anything, by fully examining your pet from head to tail
  • We will make a proper record of what we see using our comprehensive record system so that we can notice early signs of disease such as a weight loss or a change in the heart sounds.
  • A dental examination every time (if it’s safe!). Dental disease is very common and it’s so easy to make reasons to ignore the early signs. We want to save teeth from extractions and keep breath fresh!
  • Urine testing For dogs over 7 years old, we will ask you to bring a urine sample which can be tested on the spot. No sample? Then in the next few days bring in a sample in our 'free' sterile container.  
  • Parasites.This is the ideal time to plan the best way to make sure your pet and home are free of fleas and worms. For dogs we will also make sure heartworm prevention is up to date heartworm disease is a life threatening condition
  • Weight check. Obesity is a common, serious problem in some pets, yet others suddenly lose weight. By weighing your pet at every visit you will know sooner if there are any problems.



Each of these steps is done to ensure that we give the best possible care for your pet. At HHVC the booster appointment is much more than just a vaccine, we care for what matters.

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