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Hung Hom Veterinary Clinic aims to provide the very best health care to your pet by constantly improving our knowledge, equipment and facilities. We want to help you care for what matters and give your pets a healthy life! Our vets regularly attend training courses in Hong Kong and travel to USA, Australia and UK to learn new ideas in veterinary care. We have invested heavily in new equipment. When the time comes to care for your pet we will be well prepared with modern diagnostic tools within the clinic and people who want to achieve what they have learnt. Our trained nurses are chosen to be people who care about their patients and want to see pets getting better!

We offer a wide range of treatments to domestic pets in Hong Kong

Consultation Services

We offer full 15 minute appointments 7 days a week, where you can discuss any issue concerning your pets care with us. Our vets are experienced and have a wide range of knowledge about pet care in Hong Kong and abroad. Communication and understanding is vital in a consultation. All of our vets speak English as a first language. The entire consultation will be translated into Cantonese or Putonghua by our experienced nurses. This means that even if your English is excellent you can check a medical term you do not know. People with you will be able to understand even if they do not speak English as well as you do. You can ask questions in English or Chinese. All consultations are recorded in our computer record system and fully backed up.

Health Checks and Certificates, Export procedures

Every new pet should have a health check in the first few days after coming home. If you intend to travel or move abroad we can help you to get the correct documents and blood tests prepared and do the final checks before travelling.


We provide a full course of vaccinations for protection of healthy new puppies and kittens. We will help you to maintain this through the life of your pet. Our vaccine appointments are for a full 15 minutes and include an annual body check. We offer vaccination for:


Healthy pet services

We can advise you on the best methods to control internal and external parasites such as

We have a wide range of genuine products designed to control parasites before they cause problems. We are happy to discuss pet nutrition and stock a range of products from Hills and Royal Canin for every stage of a healthy life.


Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

Our on-site laboratory is well equipped and run by our trained nurses. Our Idexx Laboratory machines are designed to give rapid reliable results for biochemistry, electrolytes (salts in blood) and blood cell counts. We will provide you with a full printed report of these results for your records. Urine tests, microscopic examinations and fungal cultures are often done and we send samples for bacterial cultures and other specialised tests to Pathlab in HK and overseas labs as needed.

Diagnostic Imaging

In 2001 we invested in a radiography service with automatic image processing. In 2008 we added a state of the art veterinary ultrasound machine to image soft tissues and flowing blood. In 2009 we have added a digital dental X-ray system to further improve our imaging possibilities.


Dental disease is one of the most common problems we treat. It affects almost every pet. That’s why we have invested in modern air powered dental machines, a digital dental X-ray system and training for our vets. We want to help keep pets smiling!

Hospitalisation and nursing

Sometimes your pets will need to stay with us for the treatment they need. Our nurses will make their stay in our modern, clean and safe cages as comfortable as possible. We will give your pet the care needed to ensure as rapid a recovery as possible. Every time we need to give IV fluids we use an automatic pump to provide accurate volumes and flows and to protect your pet.

Surgery and anesthesia

Whether your pet has come for a routine procedure or a complex life-saving operation we will use our experience and knowledge to focus on them until they are safely recovering in our hospital. We have invested in modern gas anaesthetics, a heated surgical table, monitoring equipment and trained nurses to monitor and support your pet through every procedure and reduce risk as much as possible.

Euthanasia and cremation

Sadly our pets do not live as long as we do. The time comes when they must leave us behind. We will help you give your pet a peaceful and dignified farewell when the time comes. We can arrange cremation services and even a DNA memorial pendant if you wish.