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Do I need to go to the vets?

Sometimes it is easy to decide that a pet needs to visit the clinic. We may see a sudden change or sense that our pet is not happy or behaving normally. In addition there are many routine reasons why a pet should be seen. As the owner of a pet it is your responsibility to ensure that any problems that occur receive prompt treatment.

Hidden problems

At times it can be hard to realise there is a problem which needs treating. Often we see a pet which the owner thinks is healthy or normal but a trained vet can see signs of disease which can be severe. These cases are worrying because they are a cause of unrecognized suffering which may go on for a long time. Of course no one would want to let their pet suffer, but it can be hard to see this. There are many signs of hidden suffering or disease. If you see the changes listed below it is time to call for an appointment to assess if the problem is serious and needs treating.

Change of appetite As well as a decreased appetite an increase in eating may be a problem
Increased thirst Increased thirst can be caused by kidney or liver problems, diabetes and other conditions
Increased urine Often seen with increased thirst
Change in urine colour Can have serious causes
Change in weight Loss or gain of weight has many causes. After one year old the weight should be relatively stable
An increased belly A sudden increase in the size of the abdomen needs investigation
Bad breath Severe dental disease and pain can be hidden under those lips!
Stiffness or difficulty moving As our pets age we accept they will move less BUT often there are ways to help relieve the pain causing this
Decreased activity or dullness A common sign of disease
A persistent cough Can be caused by serious heart or airway disease
Itchy skin, eyes or ears Skin problems are a common cause of suffering if not treated
Difficulty passing urine or stool Can cause serious complications
Lumps or bumps May be a sign of cancer