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If your pet is under the care of another clinic and you are concerned about the case we are happy to see your pet and review the case. To provide a second opinion service we will need to contact your vet and obtain a complete history. Please provide the contact and registration details when you book the appointment so we can prepare for your visit.

There are times when the opinion of another doctor may be needed to help get the best care for your pet. It is not possible for us to have specialist knowledge in every area. Vets working in countries such as USA or UK have developed referral centres. University veterinary schools in these countries have specialist knowledge and equipment for the treatment of complex or unusual cases. In Hong Kong there are no veterinary training schools. Some private clinics have developed referral services and have specialists visit them from overseas. For some cases it is better for your pet if we help you to see a specialist in another clinic.

If we decide to refer you to an outside clinic we will advise you to visit the clinic best able to care for your pet in the light of our past experience and knowledge. We will pass our notes about the case to the referral clinic. This clinic will then handle the care of your pet for this specific problem only.

Please remember that as a referral vet the doctor can only provide care for the particular problem. You should not ask them to treat other problems and if asked they should refuse to do so. Once the treatment is completed the referral vet is ethically required to pass your pet back to us for future routine health care together with a summary of the treatments done.

It is very hard to list all the cases that might need referral but there are some cases that we may refer outside.

  • Spinal surgical cases
  • Complex orthopaedic (bone) or other surgery
  • Cataract surgery
  • Cases needing MRI images
  • Some neurological (nervous system) cases

There may be cases where our doctors are not sure what the diagnosis is or how best to proceed. In this situation it can be good to seek another outside opinion.

If at any time you feel that you would like to seek an outside opinion for the care of your pet please tell us. It is much better that we know your concerns. We can then advise you on the best options to get care for your pet and help to arrange for you to see a vet from outside our clinic.