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Dog and cat admissions

Shortly before your pets operation we will contact you by phone to book a time to admit your pet.This admission appointment will normally be between 9:30 and 10:30 in the morning for 10 minutes and is designed to help things run as smoothly and safely as possible. We will ask you to prepare your pet for this appointment.

  • Feed your pet as usual the night before and then put away any remaining food or treats. This will ensure there is NO FOOD in the stomach (DO NOT starve rabbits!)
  • Take the water away first thing in the morning. Do not to deprive pets of fresh water for too long.
  • Bring your pet to the clinic in good time for the appointment. Cats should be in a carrier or bag. Dogs can be in a carrier or wearing a well fitted collar or harness and lead.
  • We will examine your pet and discuss the planned procedure. Any health issues which relate to the booked surgery will be discussed. Unrelated conditions can not normally be discussed at this pre-surgery consultation as time is limited.
  • We can prepare a cost estimate but it may not be possible to give a precise figure for complex cases.
  • We will ask you to sign a consent form; this must be done by an adult. If you need to ask someone else to bring your pet, we will ask them to sign the form on your behalf.
  • The consent form confirms that you are aware of the procedure, agree to it being done and that your pet’s safety is very important to us, but is impossible to guarantee. Every procedure carries some risk.
  • Leave a phone number on the consent form and make sure that someone is available to answer for the whole day (and keep the phone switched on!)
  • Complications can occur during any procedure. It is essential that we can contact you at any time during the day. We reserve the right to give any emergency or urgent treatments that we think necessary for the welfare of your pet even if we are not able to contact you first.
  • We will call you later to arrange a discharge appointment. If we have not been able to contact you by 4pm then call us.

At the discharge appointment the doctor or nurse will explain what has been done, how to care for your pet after the operation, discuss any results of tests and any necessary medicines will be given to you. We will then arrange the next appointments as needed.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS please call us on 2330 7566 before 7pm.
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