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The safety of any anaesthetic or sedation is very important to us. The more information we have about your pet’s current health, the more we can do to ensure safety. An apparently healthy pet can have undetected problems. Blood and urine tests will help us identify these and take steps to improve the safety of the anaesthetic and decrease the risk involved in any procedure.

These tests can be done for any patient. They are more important if your pet is a senior or is known to have had problems in the past. Our advice is

  • A urine test for all pets that are 8 years or older
  • Blood tests are advisable for all pets that are 8 years or older
  • These tests are of great importance if your pet is 12 years old or over
  • Blood tests are required for pets with known liver, heart or kidney problems
  • It is safer to do blood and urine tests for any animal before anaesthesia

Every animal is different so it is better to discuss any concerns with the doctor. You can do this during the admission consultation or at any other time.

Urine Tests

Are simple, none invasive and inexpensive tests. They provide a lot of information about your pet’s health including kidney function and can detect diabetes and urinary tract infections. Bring in a urine sample on the day of the operation or before and we will test it. If you cannot get a sample the vet can usually take one before the procedure starts.

Blood tests

Give us information about many different chemicals normally seen in the blood. These can indicate liver or kidney problems, diabetes and changes in the protein levels of the blood. We will also do complete cell counts of the red and white blood cells to detect anaemia and signs of infection or inflammation. We can test blood on the day of the operation before we do anything else.

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