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New Patients

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We want to make ordering medicine or food simple for you, but it is important that we make sure that your pet is receiving the correct medicines. Over time a patient's health will change so we need to monitor treatment and response.

Repeat examinations

We usually NEED to recheck pets every six months. This depends on the condition being treated, the patient and the medicines used. We will not normally dispense medicines for animals we have not examined in the last six months but we can accept food orders.

Prescription requests

It will normally take 24hours to process a request and we will send you an email or call you when the medicine is ready. When completing the form much of the information we need can be found on the old label. Please use English!

We can only provide prescriptions to registered owners

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Plan Ahead!
  • Allow time if we need to recheck your pet
  • Allow enough time for imported medicine orders
  • While we try to maintain enough stock it can be hard to anticipate some requests!