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As time goes by people’s needs change and they may decide to leave our clinic. We always try to give people a big send off and even though they no longer work in HHVC we try to keep in touch. We would like to remember a few of those who have moved on. While we cannot mention everyone, there are a few who should be mentioned.

Fanny Wong

Qualifications: BSc Hons Biochemistry; AIRC Cert II Veterinary Nursing 2007,
BA in Language & Translation.
Joined HHVC: 2000

Fanny joined HHVC in 2000 after graduating from a local University. She had been caring for animals in the clinic, first as a Veterinary Assistant and progressed through to Head Nurse. Fanny was also responsible for the standards of nursing care in the clinic as well as the daily admin tasks. Here is what she used to say...

"Being a Vet Nurse is not an easy job, both physically and emotionally. Besides facing challenging cases, our role requires a great deal of ‘determination’ and ‘will’. However, what it all comes down to for me is to see our patients get better and healthy again.” said Fanny. 

After spending 10 years with us, Fanny left in 2010 to start a new challenge with SPCA Hong Kong. Good luck Fanny! We will always miss you.  

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