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Hung Hom Veterinary Clinic is a private clinic which provides a high quality veterinary medical service to the people and pets of Hong Kong. We do not receive any charitable funds or subsidy from the government, unlike other organizations such as the SPCA. This means that we have to rely on fee income for all of our ongoing costs and to pay for investments to improve our standards of care.

In order to maintain and improve our standards of care we need to charge realistic fees for all the work we do. This is our only source of income. These fees need to cover all of the costs of providing the care your pet needs including the running costs of the clinic, investments in improvements and the expenses involved in employing experienced veterinarians and nurses. We need to charge for all of the time spent by the doctors and nurses considering and treating each case or question from our clients.


We are able to provide estimates for the cost of hospital and surgical cases. Please remember these are estimates, it is often not possible to give precise quotes especially for complicated medical investigation cases. If you would like an estimate of the fees in any case ask the doctor to prepare one for you. We are happy to update you on a daily basis for hospital cases.


Each service must be paid for at the time it is provided. We accept payment by Cash, EPS and Credit card. Due to the high level of service fees we cannot accept American Express and Diners cards. Cheques are not normally accepted.

If a pet needs to be hospitalized we require a refundable deposit of at least $1,000, more for a complicated case.