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Here are 10 good reasons why you should decide to trust us to care for your pet’s health because, “Together, we care for what matters”




Senior HealthCare Plan

Senior Pets quietly suffer pain and discomfort as they get older, problems that can be helped by our vets.

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HHVC Introduction

Hung Hom Veterinary Clinic is one of the longest established vet clinics in Hong Kong. We have provided veterinary care to tens of thousands of pets since moving to Hung Hom in 1993. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you. We have built this site to create the best source of information for pet owners in Hong Kong.

Why Choose us as your vets?

Here are 10 good reasons why you should decide to trust Hung Hom Veterinary Clinic to care for your pet's health because, "Together, we care for what matters"

Pre-operation, what should I do?

This is a very common question so here are some answers!  Every case is different but here are some general guides for the more routine procedures.  Cats and dogs are covered in one section and rabbits and chinchillas have their own section because they are very different...

Healthy Pet Care

We do a lot more than just take care of your pets when there are problems! Every healthy pet also needs a vet to ensure they get the best from life. We spend a lot of time taking care of healthy pets and this is a very important role for your vet.

Rabbits and Chinchillas

Our little furry friends are very different from cats and dogs, they need special care and diets. Rabbits and chinchillas are rewarding pets to keep, they deserve the best care. Given this they will live long and happy lives, bringing a lot of joy to the people who care for them.Read our notes and learn some tips on how to care for your rabbit or chinchilla.