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We need people with different skills in the clinic. Just as the vets rely on our VAs to assist them, so the VAs need support from other people. Reception is the most important job in the clinic, this is the first person you will speak to if you make a phone call or visit to the clinic. The receptionists will help you to get what you need for your pet whether it is to purchase some food, make a booking for an appointment or to see the vets. We also need people to keep the clinic organized and in supply. An accountant is needed to make sure the books add up and all staff and suppliers are paid correctly, this is not a simple job!

Jeanice Huang - Accountant

Joined HHVC: 2000

Jeanice is responsible for all of our financial records and payments. She has the unenviable task of adding up all the figures and making sure there that we can pay all the staff and expenses correctly and on time every month! This is no simple job and is essential for the smooth running of HHVC. Jeanice works part time and behind the scenes. Most of the time, she is an international businesswoman working in different parts of Asia every month. We are very lucky to have such an experienced person to help HHVC to run smoothly.

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