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Dental care is important for cats too!

When we brush a cat’s teeth we are trying to remove plaque, reduce the formation of calculus and improve the cat’s breath. This will help keep the teeth clean, the mouth healthy and reduce tooth loss.

What to use

Don’t use human toothpaste! Special cat pastes are designed to be swallowed. They do not have added fluoride or high sodium levels. They don’t froth up like our toothpaste and they come in delicious fish or malt flavours, not nasty mint!

How to brush your cat's teeth


Gently lift the lip


Allow him to smell and taste toothpaste


Rub paste in a circle


Work paste back


Use a circular motion to brush paste onto front teeth


Work toothbrush back


Reward him at the end of the session

  • Start when the cat is young!
  • Sit your cat on your lap or on a table.
  • Approach the cat’s mouth from the side, not directly in front.
  • Touch the lips and lift the side to expose the teeth and gums.
  • Put a small amount of paste on your finger and allow the cat to taste it, most cats will like the fish flavour.
  • Start to rub the paste onto the teeth and gums using your finger and then a cloth.
  • Start to use a soft toothbrush. This is the most effective way to clean the teeth.
  • Place a small amount of paste on the tooth and gently brush one or two teeth and the gum line using small circles.
  • Increase the number of teeth cleaned each time until you can clean the whole mouth.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO CLEAN THE INSIDE OR TOP SURFACES OF THE TEETH. Concentrate on the outer or lip sides, this is where the plaque builds up.
  • Offer a reward at the end of the session by petting your cat and giving some food.

Remember the aim is to clean the outside of the teeth. If you can do this daily that is great but twice a week will help a lot.


SAFTEY FIRST: Not every cat will accept this. Only do what your cat will accept. Do not fight the cat as she may hurt you. Do not force the cat to have the teeth brushed as this may anger the cat and spoil the cat/owner relationship.

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